Dr. Habib Yakoob

Deputy Registrar, Information Unit

Welcome Address

Hello, you are welcome to the Information and University Relations unit of the University of Abuja, the University for National Unity the UofA of Nigeria. The Unit is responsible for managing the corporate   communications of the UofA, building mutually beneficial relationships with the institution’s internal and external publics as well as promoting the University, using a range of communications and marketing strategies. The unit, which reports directly to the Vice-Chancellor, integrates   several sections that work to generally promote the University.    The sections consist of Information (Media Relations), Protocol and Audio-Visual (sound system, video and photography).


Dr Habib Yakoob

Deputy Registrar

 The Unit is headed by Dr Habib Yakoob, a Deputy Registrar, who brings to the unit several years of experience as a journalist, writer and communications specialist. He supervises the day-to-day activities of other staff of the Unit including issuing press releases, covering University functions, stocking of archival materials, organising university wide events, acting as spokesperson of the University, liaising between visiting functionaries and the office of the Vice-Chancellor and other principal officers, etc. He is a member of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR).

Staff List

Malam Suleiman Isah Aliyu

He is a Principal Assistant Registrar in the Unit, who doubles as Protocol Officer. Malam Aliyu has a Masters in Banking and Finance.    He is an experienced Protocol Officer, assisting staff to acquire visas and travelling documents, receiving visitors and carrying out other protocol duties assigned do him by the Vice-Chancellor or Head of Unit

Mrs Maryam Mohammad

She is a Senior Assistant Registrar in the Unit.  She read Political Science from Bayero University, Kano and has public relations experience spanning 8 years.      

This officer assists the Head of Unit, covering   University events, following up on the production of the University news bulletin and assisting in preparing reports.   This is in addition to her other responsibilities as secretary of some University committees.  

Mr Hakeem Alohunmata

Alohunmata is a Principal Protocol Officer 1 in the unit. He is also the Special Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor. He has a master’s degree in English language, and has several years’ journalism and broadcast experience. He helps the Vice-Chancellor to plan his day-to-day activities; assists staff on travels and helps in organizing and coordinating University wide events, among other related duties.  

Murtala Mohammed Lawal

Executive Officer I – This officer is responsible for coordinating information dissemination activities on the Mini- campus where the Unit also still maintains an office. In addition, the officer maintains and keeps custody of the Unit’s archives on the Mini-Campus, Gwagwalada, for the University.  He also carries out other duties assigned to him.

William Peter

He is a Principal Executive Officer 1, who doubles as protocol officer. He assists in receiving guests from the airports and booking hotels for them and carrying other dispatch duties. He also carries out other assignments handed out to him in the unit.

Joshua Akor Ichima

Principal Technical Officer/Chief Photographer –The officer is the official photographer of the University responsible for documenting   still pictures of activities on the Campuses and outside where University principal officers and other officials are involved. He undertakes his duties through the production of photo albums, portraits etc. He has over 15 years’ experience in photography.

Dams Z. Dagong

Senior Care-taker – This staff mans the technical equipment of the Unit such as video, projector and public address equipment. The officer also keeps custody of University public address systems, Video recording equipment etc., and produces them when needed.  He carries out other duties assigned to him by the head of Unit.

Mashor Charity

Confidential Secretary I -This staff handles all secretarial needs and requirements of the Unit, including preparing and keeping files, typing and formatting memos, documents etc.  She also carries out other secretarial duties assigned by the unit head.   

it monitors, shares, and keeps record of relevant news and information about the University and manages press list and contacts databases. 

To serve as focal  unit to the media; press releases and facilitates press conferences prepare information for distribution to the press Respond to queries and request from the media and others serves as focal office  to the news media, distribute information concerning the university that as well as respond to queries from them

  • arrange interviews for VC and other staff
  • publishes a monthly news bulletin which

 Coordinates and produces university – wide publications including bulletin, etc. calendar