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The Council Secretariat section is headed by an Assistant Secretary to Council who is responsible to the Registrar as Secretary to Council. The schedule officer also serves as Assistant Secretary to the Committees of Council including the Finance and General Purposes Committee, Tenders Board, Appointments and Promotions Committee and other Committees of Council where the Registrar is statutorily the Secretary. The Assistant Secretary assists the Registrar in arranging for all Governing Council meetings by ensuring timely and effective dissemination of information and liaising with the Chairman and Council Members for their travel and accommodation arrangements. The Assistant Secretary to Council also liaises with other Officers in the University with direct bearing on Council meetings such as the Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Registrar, Bursar and relevant Deans and Directors as well as the Liaison, Catering and Transport Officers and Drivers in order to ensure smooth and hitch-free meetings. Similarly, the Assistant Secretary ensures that submissions to Council from different units, departments and committees are prepared in good time and forwarded to the Registrar. At the meetings, the Assistant Secretary facilitates the actual conduct of proceedings by prompt distribution of minutes, reports, papers and memos as the case may be. He is also in-charge of minutes writing, raising matters arising and follow-up actions for the Registrar and Secretary to Council.


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